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HLD is a creative design practice founded by Hoyoung Lee and Haein Lee. For spatial problems and challenges, HLD's design seek to provide "critical interventions", which we define as a set of actions and design devices, both physical and operational, that enables positive changes by finding missing links between the place's current state and its full potential. Redefining the given question to find "what would be critical to impact the lives of people who inhabit the place?" is always the beginning of our design quest. We refrain from providing design services for superficial aesthetic improvement, embellishments or stylizing. While armored with specialized knowledge and skills as landscape architect and with affection toward natural beauty and respect for the site's urban and ecological context, HLD's critical interventions are not confined to landscape architecture’s conventional realm, but rather encompasses diverse fields of design for their creative thinking, utilizes diverse fields of analysis for their practical insights, and materializes ideas through various scales from tactile expression to regional visioning. Big or small, HLD values a humble yet fundamental approach that is environmentally and socially responsible.

advocacy & innovation by design

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